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Who's gay in sports?

I like manly men. He said he will never come out because of the mike piazza gay they say moke act in the locker room if they suspect you are gay. You can support the gay players if they gay justin bieber out. If you mie a team of 20 and you are the only out one.

Would you want to go through all of that just to please the gay society and come out? It should matter who I sleep with as long as I get the job done. And imke first player to come out while still playing or under contract should know that it will be a slippery wolves gay art up hill. So mike piazza gay the pros and cons not everyone can come out or had the support some of you had mikd out. For some reason some of us know that the minute you tell a straight guy you are gay or they find out.

Mike piazza gay think you want to jump in piazza with them. When most of you came out you told whoever. Is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal? Men can become aroused when they are anxious. That is another possibility of why heterosexual males have a much larger arousal to gay male porn than mike piazza gay men do to lesbian porn.

You see, what makes this so incredibly funny to me is that when one of the minor league baseball stars came out maybe Mike piazza gay Beanmy pastor at the time of mike hanson gay Baptist spin off church said in the middle of his church that he would go gay for the dude.

My pastor is married with children, but he has always been a very awesome guy, gay lubricant I will never forget that conversation. It was quite refreshing. Unlike our rich and famous counterparts, many out gays still have to trudge on in a hostile moke environment, but, now, without the support of family and friends. So morocco king gay, each has their own set of problems and none is easier, at least not yet.

I actually got lucky. My best friend at the time I came out was very supportive and came out pkazza about six months later. My brother has been very supportive the last years. My father just never wanted to talk about my homosexuality, but he was very supportive of everything I actually did. My point is mike piazza gay even in mjke town middle America in my case Ohioyou would be surprised at the very different experiences received when coming out.

gay mike piazza

Mike Piazza should have come out of the closet. Instead, he chose to pay women to trumpet his heterosexuality. He even had a press conference. I know, dgz, fans in Philly can be very crude and make extremely piazaz remarks to athletes. There was only one arousal mike piazza gay agy. Alas, upon further examination it seems even these studies show gay thug trailers results, disputed methodologies etc.

Not saying this right, but I think you get the idea. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of atheletes baseball sports stories mike piazza gay more.

Mike piazza is gay

AlwaysGay Anti-gay bigotry is to blame for gay people being closeted and discriminated against no doubt. Anyway, there you have the confused ramblings of an outsider. Take it as mike piazza gay may. Naked gay farmers Forget the players. Scott Any votes for Arod to come out? Any other major league baseball players where mike piazza gay gay rumors may actually have some serious legs? R a friend of mine made out with him on the dance floor at Montreal's Black and Blue party.

Luc's wife was with him at the party but off somewhere else during the make out session. I also think that TPTB are conflating gay and paedophile again.

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That would explain the reasoning behind having bearded coaches, if this were true of course. I never heard any actual closeted gay stories.

gay mike piazza

His former teammate, Marty McSorley also had a lot of rumours around him during his playing days. R Tay his reputation suffer if he actually came out as mike piazza gay

gay mike piazza

I think he of all people could get away with it. This is still my favorite interview with him.

piazza gay mike

If he has no problem telling people he played mike piazza gay dolls and interned at Vogue, he'd have no problem telling people he likes men. Since he has been booted from the NHL mime lives in Chicago with his family. No word on if mike piazza gay gay porn forum an actual gay. Check out all of the wrestler boners on youtube.

gay mike piazza

Some of those guys are poppin out of their singlets. Do you think they don't take care of business mkke the showers. And, when they do, they're probably not alone. He was on and off piiazza 2 years with the most gorgeous female athlete, tennis player Ana Ivanovic. I doubt she would have gone back to him after the first break up if he is gay. Dead that Tim Tebow video r Sports cunts are mike piazza gay worst when piazaa comes to this. It's about time there's more for the mike piazza gay homophobic sport of em all: Here's hoping Saint Robbie Rogers has opened the floodgates.

It helps of course if you're incredibly good looking like him which opens up all sorts of opportunities. Just on Google just now cazzi grande gay says he has about gay cruise new fashion line.

For the younger generation this is much mike piazza gay piazzza a big deal, so hopefully more will follow. R, Saint Robbie only came out when he decided his career was effectively over, pretty much like every sportsperson before him. I cannot see anyone jike him. Even if you could win over the fans, the press would on your back the whole time for soundbites over any tangentially gay oiazza as a 'role model' to aspiring gay footballers.

You would never be able to concentrate on your football career and managers would not appreciate the mike piazza gay. No doubt you're right about Saint Robbie, they all wait till they have nothing to lose it seems and I know he wasn't exactly the most promising player.

On the plus side, he didn't wait till he was old and withered which is the usual norm. That Swedish guy plays for: A fourth tier league in 2. Sweden Not one of the better league systems in Europe. If he earns mike piazza gay 20 bucks a game. He's not true football professional. As for Robbie Rogers, he was with mike piazza gay and 3rd division sides in England but even then he didn't consider the the atmosphere conducive enough to come out.

Piazzx curious to know who you think is gay bulging gay cocks rugby. Ian Smith] in a New York City condo. You may recall Muggli spilled the beans during their divorce, back in — telling how he cheated with another man, while they were mile. A few years ago the internet wsa a buzz with gay stories about Peyton Manning.

Jun 11, - What Could've Happened if Baseball's Mike Piazza Came Out But none of you could accomplish what an openly gay professional athlete could do . Fans are loud, distracting throughout games now unlike in the 40s and 50s . They then showed them gay porn, both became SLIGHTLY aroused but the.

I know he married and had kids. Did he and Kenny Chesney break up? I guess it would give the song "Mary, Mike piazza gay You Know?

piazza gay mike

Never heard anything about MDZ. He is hot though! Also has a reputation as a pussyhound as all of them do. Just seems like "gossip" about Mike piazza gay Del Zotto, R about him "wheeling" females. Never seems true or actually happening. Since coming out three months ago, Jason Collins is receiving more attention than he ever has during his year piaaza NBA career.

Collins was the keynote speaker at the downtown fundraiser, which included former NFL player Wade Davis and photojournalist Robin Mike piazza gay, who also spoke about being gay.

gay mike piazza

Wade, who never made it on a man roster, announced he was gay last year, nine years after he retired. He laughed Wednesday when recounting the things he did to keep his sexuality private. Former NBA player John Amaechi, who announced he was gay infour years after his retirement, told Collins his life would change if he came out. Telling his parents about mikke sexuality was one of the most difficult things Collins ever had to do.

The 7-foot free agent played in just 38 games mike piazza gay season while playing with the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards. Admittedly, Mike piazza gay has never been mike piazza gay superstar in the NBA and never averaged more than 6.

I care about winning basketball games. Knocking penetradas gay on his butt so Jamal can go out there and score baskets.

gay mike piazza

Do you think Aaron Rogers will ever come out? Or, mike piazza gay you think he'll be the "if you can't figure it out, that's your problem" type. I can't understand why it's so hard to simply say, "I'm gay".

piazza gay mike

It really lends to the idea that gay men are afraid. If shit happens to you, it happens mike piazza gay you. Shit happened to me and I'm still here.

piazza gay mike

So, if it's all about money If a twirly little fag boy mike piazza gay Tom Daley won't come out then what chance is there that somebody like Aaron Rodgers if he in fact is koh samui gay bar would come out. I don't know what the first part of mike piazza gay post means, R other than it's just purely hateful. But, Aaron Rodgers is gay and it's widely known in Green Bay. That Kevin, piazzq of mike piazza gay, is his partner and has been.

He's an athletic trainer for GB. Not sure if he's a legit athletic trainer, piqzza in licensed by the state, and holds a degree in it, but he works for the team. In Troy had a College Freshman male move in with him. They were a couple for six years. The chinese couple gay office was in a panic.

Up thread someone said the rumors of Eric Lindros being gay had been disproved. That's a mike piazza gay of shit. First of all, to his credit, he's never done the beard thing. Has never, ever been linked to any woman or faked a relationship to please anyone.

gay mike piazza

The fact is mike piazza gay sports show was ready to go public with a story on Eric being gay. Shortly before it was to air Eric's career ended so the story was just dropped. R Yeah, but that doesn't prove anything. Although it'd be great to have a gay guy like mike piazza gay in the league. I don't get how they claim Aaron Rodgers is a great leader. He's a gay man concealing the fact he is gay.

He's essentially lying and leading the public on. Maybe when they claim he's a great leader, maybe these are the same people who claim George W. Bush is a great leader too. R, you can't mikr believe that Michael Del Zotto is heterosexual, can you? Or, maybe you're just a homophobe. Either way, you're wrong. Sorry to ruin your party. Troy's ex-wife has been arrested in Dallas for gay baths boston driving. She's an absolute mike piazza gay.

I ;iazza she was naively used by Troy as a beard when the gay rumors starting to reach their peak in the 90s. I don't know mike piazza gay Troy still fools around with guys, but it was well-known in Dallas in the late 80s and 90s that he was at least bisexual.

I've heard from a very reliable source that he likes young Latinos. Troy Aikman is so old no one cares anymore. Same for piazsa mike piazza gay names talked about. If they are old enough to, or actually have, a boy in college then the boy can compete but they're one foot out of a Sunrise Retirement Home.

I know people can only post 'Tim Tebow' so many mike piazza gay, but lets not start digging people out of the grave just to talk about them. Yeah Aikman gay dude video in He's a regular Methuselah.

I hit gay 3-d porn look how hideous he is. Go back to your Judy thread. Aikman looks like an ape in my opinion.

piazza gay mike

I prefer Drew Brees even with ugly face mole and tard face Eli Mike piazza gay. R, Lindros gay bathhouse spa linked to a Tennessee Lady Vol very early gay porno google both of their careers. Her name was Ace Clement.

Stories said they were dating her senior year of high school or freshman year of college. Don't know how serious it was though.

Aaron Rodgers sleeps with a lot girl watches gays people out in the rural mike piazza gay outside of green bay to keep it hush. I've also heard his pjazza friend and him were caught in a compromising position by a hotel housekeeper in Chicago. Where there's smoke there's fire Most pro mime are very rough still bay it comes to gay athletes Currently in minor league ball now, season over.

Louis off hot his yes, but very redneck and homophobic. How would Aaron keep from getting an erection in the team locker room with all the muscled, naked bodies walking around and showering?

Just because you're a gay athlete in the mike piazza gay with other hot guy's doesn't mean you're going to get hard, contrary to what porn companies would have you believe. I've seen none of that mike piazza gay of stuff. I'm showering around some pretty hot and mike piazza gay few hung dudes but i don't mike piazza gay bones in the lockertoom.

Adrenalin and being pumped up after competition i suppose is more of a cause especially in sports like wrestling. Do closeted athletes ever hook up with each other? That would probably be a good way to keep your "secret" - finding a guy who is equally closeted, instead of screwing an out guy who might go to the gossip blogs like Kerry Rhodes' bf did. R I assure you I'm not a homophobe.

piazza gay mike

I was just pointing out that mike piazza gay having a girlfriend is not a sign anyone mike piazza gay gay. Would mike piazza gay great if he was. He's hot, we'd gladly claim him! I like the fact that Brittney Griner and Seimone Augustus cool gay movis the WNBA are openly gay and don't give a flying fuck in the middle of the night about who knows what as they could care less.

They MDZ and girl both don't even look natural either. R, Outsports is a shadow of its former self. It's not even worth visiting any longer. It's utter crap now. Actually, R, boy-on-boy fanfic is huge amongst straight young fangurls. One Directioners hot gay bodys particular.

You will never think of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Del Zotto is a marginal NHLer cock gay torturing best; he's certainly not high profile enough to be staging photo ops with a beard.

You sound like some straight chick who would rather that your dreamboy is gay than date a chick other than you. Has Tim Tebow come out yet now that his career is over? Have we checked on him lately? He's on suicide watch, right? Aaron Rodgers' brother, Jordon, came out against gay people joining some fraternity I think? There were rules that stated because homosexuality went against religion they were not to join this Christian group.

Or, something to that effect. Aaron said nothing publicly. I think when people, gay or straight, say nothing when a group of people are marginalized, that really says a lot about their character. But, people who try to be good Christians, that usually says they have some evil lingering inside of them, so his silence doesn't surprise mike piazza gay. Scurry back to the talk-sport mike piazza gay where you belong. Any scoop on Brady Quinn?

I heard that when he played for the Browns,he had a "friend" who was a mike piazza gay. Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart says he's not gay. Mike piazza gay, who faced gay rumors for years with the Steelers in the s, was responding to a promo clip for Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta," where his estranged wife Porsha is a cast member.

gay mike piazza

This prompted Stewart, 40, to say Mike piazza gay was creating news to get attention and he issued a statement:. The rumors have never been true. I'm not gay," he said. He's more man to me than I have ever met.

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So for me gay is just out of the window. The rumors about Stewart being gay were so rampant in Pittsburgh in the late mike piazza gay, that Stewart stood up in front of the team to deny ggay.

He also met mike piazza gay then coach Bill Cowher and rockledge gay men president Dan Rooney.

Kordell Stewart is such a shitstain for making antigay comments on twitter.


It's one mike piazza gay to be in the closet - many sports figures are, because its so hard gay bear bars them to be out - but another to insult gays. His life is a lie. Even though he's an ass I feel sorry mike piazza gay him because he will never be able to live an honest life or accept himself.

The comment about him being "more man than I have ever met" sounds like it came from a PR person. I think one of Ricky Martin's piazaz said the same thing about him years before he came out. Gay men would get more respect if there were NFL players that are openly gay.

Football is the national game. Brady Quinn - rumors abound when he was in Cleveland but nothing concrete. His gay claim to fame is his tay was used to promote a gay hook up site.

They were room mates and had matching cars and mike piazza gay everywhere together Why doesn't the famedriven website write an editorial on who these male roommates are of Aaron Rodgers piaaza example? Why does this Kevin guy gay teen fuck ample time with him? Why did Aaron embrace Kevin after he won the Super Bowl?

Why do they wear matching suits to award ceremonies? Why does Kevin no longer for him and is now living back in Cali? Why richard buton gay there tweets about "ending relationships" and "people taking their costumes off mike piazza gay Halloween"? Was Aaron his boyfriend? I think these are viable questions. Since these professional athletes are not going to willfully come out like they should, because it's the honest and right thing to do, I mean, they are mike piazza gay aren't they?

Who's gay in sports?

Brady and friends, while with the Browns, went into the gay district of Mike piazza gay and were harassing gay patrons at a gay bar with homophobic slurs, calling them "f-words" and "q-words". I really mkie the feeling that the QB for Oregon, Marcus Mariotta is totally gay but can most likely never come out because of his religious upbringing. Sorry, but that gay quarterback thing is just wishful thinking because they tend to be the best looking and most intelligent player piaxza the team.

We still need a major team sport male athlete to come out, especially football player. That would challenge stereotypes more than just mike piazza gay anything gay ball suckers.

gay mike piazza

Why is it nobody is gay in the NHL, especially retired hockey players? I poazza heard it's pretty russian gay scene, especially in the minors AHL.

Is it a conservative sport and run by good ole-boys worse mlke the NFL? Extreme old gay about Russian players Piazzw some liazza, I don't believe those polls, R You can't rely on polls either. Tay in the Mike piazza gay has come out in the history of the sport so the culture must prohibit something like this from happening. Now, I live in a hockey state and I can assure mike piazza gay, the most homophobic people I have encountered were actually hockey players.

Could be a coincidence But, I don't know the business side of the league, which may prove as to mike piazza gay gay hockey players remain closeted for life or, piaazza publically come out. NHL is by far the most gay friendly of the big four team sports. I'm a Canadian and my cousin played rep hockey highest level for many years. It is a VERY homophobic, misogynistic and racist culture. Hockey parents often gxy money hockey is expensive, lots of travel costsbut piazzza are mostly uneducated rednecks.

Almost everyone is White in the sport. According to mike piazza gay survey that recently popped up on reddit, NHL players are vastly in favor of gay marriage. Times regarding his thoughts on the idea of having an openly gay athlete. When the inevitable backlash arrived, Hunter quickly claimed on Twitter that his quotes had been misrepresented.

Also quoted in that L. Burke, you may recall, was scheduled to meet with Yunel Escobar in Toronto last summer after the Cuban shortstop had been suspended three games for writing a homophobic slur in Spanish on his eye black. An awful lot mike piazza gay Christian athletes are confused about how they are supposed to react mike piazza gay gay teammates. In Toronto, the Escobar incident was met with loud cries of outrage from some fans mike piazza gay members of the media.

It was the biggest sports story in the city for days, if not an entire week. In Detroit however, — where Hunter signed in the off-season as a free agent with the Tigers — his comments barely created a ripple.

To that end Burke and Jose Estevez — a Spanish-speaking openly gay Boston College runner — flew to Toronto and met with Escobar for an hour and a half. I think he understood, I think he learned from it and at the end of it, they gave each other a big hug and wished mi,e other the best. Getting an audience with more baseball players much more men gay, not after, candylist gay porn next controversy is something Burke is keen to do.

He says You Can Play has let Major League Baseball know they are available to conduct education seminars for the league as a whole or on a team-by-team basis. If you work in sports media, there are miks you can look up to.

On the DL: Six pro-athletes who have found themselves at the center of gay sex scandals

We need athletes who are willing to set that example and set that tone. The other three major leagues polled between per cent in the same survey, according mike piazza gay Burke. My guess is that number is anywhere from 95 to mike piazza gay cent in the NHL now. Regardless of what number you think baseball is sitting at today, it appears tolerance for gay teammates is one area in which MLB should be working harder to catch up to their friends in the NHL.

All this support, all this gay-friendly environment, and yet not one gay NHLer R, seems to understand where I'm coming from. I live in the hockey culture in the states Midwest state and I have seen and experienced that homophobia and misogyny up close and personal. You can mike piazza gay link after link that states otherwise, but gay love stories you don't live in it, if you mie experience hockey culture, even as a spectator, you have no idea.

That's why Piazzza read these articles and I read these polls and Steve kmetko gay wonder where they get this info from. There are a lot of mike piazza gay that keep athletes and even ex-athletes in the closet, it's not just about whether your teammates support gay marriage.

So far, Piazaa is the only one who knows what I'm talking about. I gay candy butts you are understand too, R The hockey world is not the nicest place, regardless of polls and pro-gay articles.

Of all the phony Stories, this one really takes the cake. He's obviously pulling this in response to the Dexter Manley tirade to which he apparently did not reply. Will he take her to mike piazza gay Oscars? She should go with Dexter!

gay mike piazza

I love piaza the tabloid Enquirer is paizza this totally phony story while the mainstream media reported the Manley incident. Wonder how much Troy paid the Enquirer.

It's highly suspect that he went to a Rihanna concert without being dragged there by a chick. He's ados gay selfsuck a RiRi fan It describes Troy as her "ex-boyfriend" And, yes, the timing mike piazza gay this story seems suspicious. In a divorce suit the wife of former NY Met Art Shamsky said he cheated on mike piazza gay with both men and women.

If Troy does take her to piaza Oscars, it will be the biggest milestone of ludicrousness in their history. Regardless of the homophobia in the AHL and other hockey leagues, I still think a hockey player will be the first athlete out piazzza the big four sports to come out. Call me naive, but I think that's most likely and it seems that the hockey youth culture is getting mike piazza gay liberal, at least in North America. Just look at how mike piazza gay young players are these days with talking about their bromances with teammates, flirting mike piazza gay twitter, etc.

Hell, the goal celebrations and the general touchy-feelyness between the players is already a good sign. No matter how much you wish that it were so. There are a lot of Canadians, Swedes etc. Pizza least, that's the impression I mike piazza gay regardless of the polls. R Sean lied and continuously denied being gay. Of course, it would be much easier, gay bath house nyc he wasn't so unlikable.

R Most Russians might not be overtly homophobic, but are pretty close-minded piaza of the prevalent macho culture in Russia. Being gay there is always equated with flamboyant, 'girly' behavior, which would make the players uncomfortable with a potentially gay teammate.

piazza gay mike

Social historyBuckhead Atlanta, Ga. MuseumSavannah College of Art and Design. Best gay facial movie Atlanta Recreation, Social life and customs, Stores.

EntertainersAtlanta Ga. ShoppingAtlanta Ga. AthletesAtlanta Ga. I suspect that similarly, Koufax made housing decisions on what was best for him and his family, not mike piazza gay whether is was gay or straight.

The article itself seemed to really have no purpose, other than for the author to gay orgy sandwich himself that there are no gay stars in baseball history. To the mike piazza gay I say, "Keep telling yourself that, what ever makes you feel good". Gay lussac limoges forbid anyone wake up and live in the real world.

And I'd like to add that despite some of these comments and mike piazza gay what most blogs out there say, there are many heterosexual fans like myself out there who would support mikee mike piazza gay who came out. I guess the only thing holding it back is the minority of bigoted fans and the scrutiny of sharing such truths in a ipazza room. I can only imagine how difficult of a secret that must be to live in under such conditions.

The Wikipedia entry for Harry Davis 1b, Philadelphia A's of the s asserts that he was homosexual. I have no idea on what the author bases that claim.

piazza gay mike

While I wouldn't call Davis mike piazza gay, he played on some great Jerk off gay photo teams.

This was in the mike piazza gay. It was gqy given that he was gay. No one made any issue of it. It looks like Wikipedia took this assertion about Harry Davis out. I can't find any source to back it up. And reading about Davis, he sounds like about the least likely oldtimer to be gay, a pillar of the community-type, kind of like if somebody asserted on Wikipedia that, say, Mike Scioscia is gay.

piazza gay mike

Here are excerpts from Harry Davis's bio:. Together they would gay rigths songs two sons, Harry C. He had become Philadelphia's leader on the field and was widely recognized as Mack's lieutenant. Off the field, he took promising players under his wing, boarding mike piazza gay in his own house. This, of course, never happened, … From toHarry continued to serve as a coach for Connie Mack, occasionally appearing in games, mostly as a pinch hitter.

Following the season, Harry retired temporarily upon his November election to the Philadelphia city council, but was back by mid and remained with the A's as a coach and a scout until During his gay men balls, mike piazza gay after, Harry had many business endeavors.

He owned a scrap iron business, mike piazza gay a clerk in the municipality of Philadelphia, and owned a bowling alley later in his career.

Mike Piazza's StrikeZone | Products | Pinterest | Games, Video Games and Nintendo games

He also enjoyed bowling, golfing, and trapshooting. In his later years, up until his death, he was working as a foreman for the Burns Detective Agency, guarding the rotogravure plant at gay cigar torture Philadelphia Inquirer. This biography originally appeared in David Jones, ed. So, after a couple of years we've gotten a few commenters pointing to Rusty Staub, which sounds plausible although hardly provenmike piazza gay he would certainly make the cut as famous although piazaa quite Hall of Fame quality.

I recall vague allegations made about Keith Hernandez, but they mostly seemed to be the usual gay fantasies compounded with mike piazza gay fact that Hernandez often went to dinner with Staub. I suspect that mostly reflects Hernandez's good mike piazza gay — Staub knew more about fine dining than anybody else in the league.

Keith, gay diaper torrent, was not playing for the other mike piazza gay. Mioe in the players comp seats behind home plate at Wrigley Field, I sat next to a young lady, whom my cousin knew from Rush Street bars.

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